74 Year Old who looks 40 Reveals Her Beauty Secrets that Make You Look & Feel Younger

74yo Who Looks 40 (Annette Larkins)

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits the ageless woman, Annette Larkins who has been featured on various News Shows, (CBS, NBC, etc), TV programs (The Doctors, Steve Harvey, etc), Newspapers and more to share with you the 10 reasons why this 74 year old doesn’t look a day over 40.

In this episode, John will interview Annette and ask her to reveal her 10 top secrets for not only looking younger, but feeling younger, having more energy, a greater level of health, and a sharp mind at 74. You will discover how Food and Liquids play an important part of Annette’s diet, but also how important it is to not eat certain foods and drinks. You will also learn many other factors that are important for not only health, longevity and also to maintain your looks through the years. After watching this episode, you will have the knowledge you need to start looking younger, feeling better, and being younger today.

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