Model’s Protruding Ribcage Causes Controversy on Instagram

While Erin Wasson was seemingly trying to be sexy in her latest Instagram shot, the model has instead come under fire for her shockingly thin frame.

The 32-year-old beauty posted a topless photo of herself on Sunday in which she’s wearing nothing but a pair of black underwear while posing in a grassy field and overlooking the ocean, although commenters couldn’t help but notice her extremely protruding rib cage.

“Live a little,” she captioned the super-skinny pic.

While the photo has received over 5,000 likes from fans, the comments are far more controversial as her followers have expressed concerns for her health due to her extremely skinny figure.

“She’s a skeleton” one viewer commented in alarm while another offered to “buy a burger” for the model.

“Beautiful is only the view but you… Very sad…” another concerned follower wrote.

While Wasson has yet to respond to the backlash, the model, who has appeared numerous times on international editions of Vogue, has previously spoken out about being bullied when she was younger for her thin frame.

Erin Wasson at Warner Bros and Instyle Globes Party
“I remember I was tormented for being flat-chested and really skinny, and I had really short hair because I would go to the barber and get my hair cut with my dad, so people always thought that I looked really butch,” the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. “I think, more than anything at this point in my career, my responsibility is to stay strong—mind, body and soul.” She added: “I’ve always been an athletic person, I’ve been blessed with good genes from my mum and dad and I’m going to ride that genetic wave for as long as I can.”


  1. She is pretty, but she really needs to gain about 20 +pounds because she looks extremely malnurished.. her hair looks very unhealthy because she is not getting enough nutrients.. and her body is unusually ” long” and not proportioned correctly because she is nothing but skin and bones…poor girl oh my! .. pray for her.

    1. Jade, your thin shaming of this beautiful person is cruel and sad. You use words like malnourished like you’re her personal physician, but you’re not.

      You claim she isn’t proportioned correctly, but that’s only your opinion. You say she’s just skin and bone, but I see muscle too. What I don’t see is rolls and rolls of fat. Is that what’s REALLY bothering you?

  2. If someone calls a Heavy person a fat tub of lard who needs to lose weight, they are shamed for it! Yet so many act as though it holds no fault to accuse a skinny person of having an eating disorder or telling them they need to gain weight because they look “sick”. Its NO different! Either way is a form of judge mental and social bullying and both can cause not only hurt feelings, but any number of other mental and even some cases, physical harm. For all you know, your words are the reason that girl cuts herself or that boy tied his own noose. So the next time you start tearing down the fragile fabrics that hold that persons small piece of sanity and self worth together, take a long hard look in the mirror and remember, your not perfect either. Why should they be?!

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