My Spa’s Holistic Body Cleanse and Liver Flush on the Isle of St. Barth or anywhere in the world! 🌐✈

My Spa Saint Barth offers a Holistic approach to Natural Hygiene of the inner body via a flexible customized program of Body cleanse and Liver Flush in a period of 12 to 15 days, in the comfort of your own Private Villa on the Island of Saint Barthélemy, or setting of your choice anywhere in the world.

Port de Gustavia, Saint BarthélemyPort de Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy

My Spa provides 24-hour expert Holistic care and service, ensuring you have every necessity to detox and cleanse your body efficiently. We also teach you how to sustain healthy diet and lifestyle choices that support your body’s natural detoxification process which eliminates toxins and promotes cellular regeneration, repair, and protection for optimal mental and physical wellness – mind, body, and soul.

NOTE: Traditional Spa’s have strict scheduling and regulated environments you must adhere and adapt to. My Spa comes to you and adapts to your pace and rhythm.

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