Target Apologizes for ‘Thigh Gap’ Photoshop Fail

Target has apologized for a Photoshop flub that whittled down a junior swimsuit model’s proportions. The model in the ad was given a ‘thigh gap’ – a gaping space between her legs and a worrying body trend among teenage girls.

Let’s zoom in a little closer to that bikini bottom…

Target Thigh Gap Close-Up -
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Someone thought it would be a good idea to take the erase tool to the teen model’s hips, arms, and most notably crotch area. The model is also missing part of her hip.

“It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” Target spokesman Evan Miller said to ABC News, adding that the photo had been removed from Target’s website.

Several bloggers captured the Photoshop fail before the image was removed.

“If it weren’t part of an ongoing attempt to mold unrealistic bodies in fashion marketing, it would almost be funny,” The Ethical Adman wrote on his blog.


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