‘Starving’ To Be Skinny? Taylor Swift’s Shrinking Frame

Is Taylor Swift in trouble? As the starlet continues to flaunt her twig-like legs on trips to and from the gym, her skinny frame is drawing concerned responses from fans. And now, top doctors say she could be entering the danger zone.

“Taylor Swift is getting way too skinny,” user @AudreyLucile wrote on April 14.

“I hope you’re not starving yourself to keep your waist skinny,” another fan chimed in, as another urged her to “eat McDonalds, girl!”

According to one leading doctor, the fans have reason to be concerned.

“Taylor still appears to be within her healthy weight range, however she is right on the lower end of the scale now. I wouldn’t want to see her losing anymore weight,” said accredited nutritionist Melanie McGrice.

Swift has been spotted working out nearly every day in recent weeks – even at the Tracy Anderson Gym, where the trainer to the stars encourages an extreme diet, lasting up to three months, with many days allowing only 500 to 1,000 calories, even while doing a full 60 minutes of strenuous exercise.

Should Anderson’s plan cause Swift to shrink even more, McGrice – who has not treated Swift –warns, she could be facing a host of health problems.

“The World Health Organization defines anyone with a Body Mass Index of less than 17.5 as ‘too skinny’ as it can lead to increased risk of osteoporosis, nutritional deficiencies, bowel conditions and malnutrition,” she added.

With Swift serving as a role model, registered dietician and nutritionist Dr. Susan Mitchell says, the singer should be aware that some fans may resort to extreme measures to be thin like her.

“Many young women want to emulate celebrities and try to look like them even when their body shape is not meant to,” Dr. Mitchell said. “Society sends a message that you are not cool unless you look a certain way: very thin.”

“You’ll be shocked. From not wanting their thighs to touch to the ‘nap diet’, many young women become so obsessed with their weight and looks that it ultimately leads to disordered eating of some type which can then affect their bodies and health for years to come,” Dr. Mitchell, who has not treated Swift, added.


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