Victoria Beckham continues to use super skinny model for eyewear campaign despite fan anger

VICTORIA Beckham has ignored fan anger by continuing to use a super skinny model for her eyewear campaign.

The fashion designer sparked backlash when she chose Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite, 29, to advertise her new glasses.

Victoria Beckham fans say model Giedre Dukauskaite is too skinny

Fans claimed she looked “emaciated”, “gaunt” and “ill” in the ad campaign – and begged Victoria to reconsider using the model again.

But despite the anger, the 43-year-old ex-Spice Girl has uploaded more pictures of the thin model on Instagram.

Refusing to acknowledge the tense reaction, Victoria captioned the photo: “Feels like spring in London!! #VBEyewear #VBDoverSt x Kisses”.

She has yet to comment on the harsh criticism she has received over choosing a stick-thin model to advertise sunglasses.

Victoria has ignored fan backlash over the model’s appearance

Some fans accused Victoria of “promoting eating disorders” for her Spring/Summer collection.

Elena Mata Westerman wrote: “Sickly skinny! Beckham should be ashamed promoting eating disorders. Her young daughter is heavier than her models. Shame.”

Lorraine Sharpe added: “The model looks very poorly. This look definitely should not be promoted. She looks dangerously thin.”

One pleaded: “This girl is so emaciated looking. Really, Victoria, this is not a good image for young girls. Show us some real women please.”

 Fans were infuriated at this pic of the model, claiming she was too skinny

Fans were infuriated at this pic of the model, claiming she was too skinny.

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