Zoe Saldana Weight: 115 Pounds Skinny or Healthy?

Zoe Saldana’s weight was used as the cover line for June’s Allure magazine that the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ appears on, sparking controversy that the unusual choice of words will negatively impact young girls who already suffer from Hollywood’s unrealistic body expectations.  The cover reads “Zoe Saldana: 115 Pounds of Grit and Heartache,” but many argue that broadcasting the very thin star’s weight was unnecessary, if not degrading.

Allure‘s decision to focus almost entirely on Saldana’s weight as the cover message is especially disturbing given the fact that the number is dangerously low, and considered underweight by Body Mass Index standards.  In recent years medical professionals have attempted to move away from emphasizing pounds in favor of BMI because the measurement is based on body fat in relation to height. At 5-foot-7 and 115 pounds, Saldana’s BMI measures in at 18, which is classified as underweight, and therefore unhealthy.

Zoe Saldana Allure Cover - SkinnyGirl.com
Zoe Saldana’s weight is considered unhealthy by BMI standards, but Allure magazine plastered the 115 number as the cover line for their June issue, with critics lashing out that it’s dangerous to young women. (Photo: Allure Magazine)

Saldana posed nude in the issue, putting her 115 pound body on full-display, along with a script tattoo that covers her ribs. Her naked body revealed a few jutting bones, but the magazine’s decision to include multiple revealing photos seemed to be an attempt to celebrate Saldana’s body as healthy, despite the fact she is underweight.

Zoe Saldana - SkinnyGirl.com

Ironically, Saldana discusses a slew of feminist topics ranging from raising a child with a woman to the discrimination that females face “in a man’s world.”

“It’s hard enough to be a woman on this earth. So to be an American or black or Latina, it’s arbitrary compared to our battles as women,” Saldana said, exuding girl-power. Yet, Saldana’s 115 weight declaration does little to empower women, particularly young girls who are easily impressionable and develop eating disorders as a result of the pressure to be thin.


    1. WTH? Not womanly or sexy? Frail? Wow. Can you come down from your pedestal and explain what makes a woman sexy and womanly.. I don’t think you are educated enough to comment here to call someone frail. Her BMI is 18, which makes her very healthy! And with that being said, most men find that sexy in a woman(ly)

    2. There are hundreds of millions of men around the world that disagree with you.

      She looks extremely womanly AND not frail! I can see here doing 25 squat thrusts then run up 5 flights of steps in under 5 minutes. I bet Rebel Wilson couldn’t do that in 5 hours.

    1. Amen! For once another person doesn’t just jump all over someone because they are “skinny” I get so sick and tired of hearing about it. 18-19 BMI is actually very healthy! Not frail or sad (like comment stated above)
      Americans, majority, have become so overweight that it’s become the norm! That’s sad! It’s almost as though it’s encouraged to be overweight in this country, with all the media coverage it’s getting. People would flip out if someone made a music video and put it out on YouTube encouraging others and the American youth to get up off their asses and diet, lose weight, flaunt their skinny jeans and enjoy an apple. But Americans are hypocrites!
      She looks frail? I don’t understand that. She looks fit and healthy. Frail?
      Why do people care so much about someone else’s weight and then say they look frail and sad? Would they say an obese person looks grotesque and greasy? Ohh no. Would they walk up to an overweight person and tell them to eat a salad? Ohh no.
      Americans got nothing better to do than judge others about their weight. They must be so bored with their lives… how about we focus on something more important than what the scale says when someone else steps on it.
      Frail and sad? Come on.. when’s the last time people have checked their own BMI?
      I agree, 18 BMI is healthy.
      Go kick rocks or how about focusing on legalizing marijuana ✌️

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